50+ Workshops for Ministry Leaders, Business Owners, Men, Women,
Young Adults, and Teenage Girls

July 21-23

Wednesday - Friday 

Only $29.00!

Conference in Spanish


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Bishop Ed Smith

After thirty years of pastoring Zoe Christian Fellowship of Whittier, Bishop Ed now leads the global movement of the Zoe Association. After becoming Bishop, he lead a collaborative team effort to launch the Nehemiah ProjectLA, to address the needs of orphans globally, beginning with former foster youth in Los Angeles, California. 

Bishop Ed Smith brings an entrepreneurial and collaborative approach to ministry. His innovative Can Do vision to partnering with global leaders, ables people to accomplish much more by working together, than what they could do alone.

Bishop Ed has over 45 years as an inspiring communicator and  working in high level fortune 100 management roles, on various boards and starting new businesses, churches and Profitable Nonprofit organizations. 

Bishop Ed has taught business at various universities and has inspired hundreds of leaders to give birth to organizations, thriving families and lead impactful careers. 

Bishop Ed's life and work is inspired by living life for God's Kingdom Purpose and leaving a god-honoring legacy for generations to come.

Bishop Tony Dunn

Founding Pastor of
New Day Christian Fellowship;
Bishop of New Day Global Network; Corona, California

Keynote Speakers

Bishop Frank L. Stewart

Senior Pastor of Zoe Fellowship of Los Angeles. Founder, Zoe Association International

Dr. A.R. Bernard

Christian Cultural Center

Megachurch in

Brooklyn, New York. 

Archbishop Mark Kambalazaza

President and Founder of Charismatic Renewal Ministries International (CRMI); Blantyre, Malawi.

 Pastor Xola Nzo


Founding Pastor, Change Bible Church;

Katlehong, South Africa

Bishop James Whitaker

Pastor Zion Christian Fellowship and Founder of Zion Christian Academy Int’l; Okinawa, Japan 

Ray Sidney

Celebration of Worship by

Ray Sidney and International Band and Choir, Japan, Philippines, Korea,Music 

Founder of Soundation

Brenda Crouch
TV Host, Author, Singer

Workshop Title:

Practical & Spiritual Steps to Writing an Autobiography

Michelle Robinson
President - Michelle Robinson Media, 3 MAX Films; Texas

Workshop Title:

Writer Within You - What Every Author Needs to Know About Writing Their First Book.

Deborah Smith Pegues Bestselling Author,  Global Speaker, Media Personality

Workshop Title:

Secrets to Writing & Profiting from a Nonfiction Book

Book Publishing

Dr. Joshua Smith
Lead Pastor, Zoe of Whittier, Professor at BIOLA University

Workshop Title: Pastoral Strategies for Thriving Out of the Pandemic

Dr. Noelle Le Flore
CEO - Novel, Inc, Whittier, CA

Workshop Title:

Challenging Perceptions: New Ways to 

Approach Mental Health as Believers

Pastor Nati Alvarado

Workshop Title:

Don't Forget God in the New Thing

Kirkland Bailey
Founder of K. Sheldon Baily Ministries Intl

Workshop Topics:

Receiving the Holy Spirit;

The Spirit of Suicide

Dr. Va Lecia Adams Kellum
St. Joseph's Center, Los Angeles

Workshop Title: Activating Your Purpose During Challenging Times

Yana Grant
CEO/Founder of Hustle & Brand

Workshop Title: Branding with Your LinkedIn Profile

Charles Kearse
Director of Nehemiah Project Int'l - Urban Impact Movement

Workshop Title:

The Nehemiah "Arise and Build" Challenge 

Xenia Morris
CEO, The PAM Firm

Business and Organizational Development

Keith Odom
CEO/Solution Architect at Axtegrity Consulting

Workshop Title: Developing a Digital Strategy for Post-COVID Ministry

Sam Phinsee
CEO Project Management Professionals

Workshop Title: Introduction to Project Management

Terolyn Phinsee
CEO/President of The Business Launch 

Workshop Title:

The Guided Business Plan! Develop or refresh your business operations plan structure in 30-minutes!

Bishop Ed Smith
Pastor Emeritus, Zoe of Whittier, Bishop of Zoe Association Int'l, Founder of Nehemiah ProjectLA

Workshop Title: 

Effective Collaboration 

Patrice Tsague
Co-founder and Chief Servant Officer of both Nehemiah Project International Ministries and PG & Associates, LLC

Workshop Title: Building Sustainable Communities Through Biblical Entrepreneurship 

Desmond Blackburn
Desmond A. Blackburn, Peak Performance Coaching

Workshop Title:

How To Avoid The Perfection Trap In Business And Ministry The Perfect Guide For Imperfect People

Ausha Bouasy
Healthcare Account Manager; Minister

Workshop Title: Becoming Emotionally and Spiritually Mature 

David Kobelin
Pastor and Certified Church Consultant; 
Awyken Professional Life Purpose Coach

Workshop Title: Awyken Certified Coach Training

Dr. Noelle
Le Flore

CEO - Novel, Inc, Whittier, CA

Workshop Title:

Challenging Perceptions: New Ways to 

Approach Mental Health as Believers

Josie Martin

Workshop Title: Get on The Path: Finding your Purpose of Life

Personal Mastery

Personal Development

Mrs. Tuniscia O
CEO of Blending Our Love, Inc.

Workshop Title: Forgiving the Men Who Hurt You

Patrick Norris
Founding/ Senior Pastor of LifePointe Church, Kansas.

Workshop Title: Facing The Psychological Fault Lines In Your Leadership

Chris Sonksen
Founder and Lead Pastor of South Hills Church

Workshop Title:

The Insecure Leader 

Cheryl Verrett
Co-founder Relevant Church LA,  San Fernando, California

Workshop Title:

How to Master Your Season

Dr. Tamala Kelly
Co-Pastor The Purpose Church in Monrovia, CA

Workshop Title: Renewing the Vision

Sherry Traylor 
Founder/CEO - Psalms Dance Network

Workshop Title:

Lights, Camera, Action!!

Women in Ministry

Josie B. Martin
Founder of DREAM Girls, Inc. California, South Africa

Workshop Title:

The Art of Being a Lady in       

The 21st Century

Holly McWhinnie 
Minister, Revivalist, Holly McWhinnie Ministries

Workshop Title:

Knowing the voice of God - The House that God Built

Eric Frazier
Vice President & Mortgage Advisor, First Bank,
Corona, California.

Workshop Title:

How to buy a Home with Down Payment Assistance and other resources

Dr. Shanté WIlliams
CEO of Black Pearl Global Investments; Charlotte, NC

Workshop Title:

Make Your Money- Make Money

Money & Investing

Nati Alvarado 
Co-Pastor, The Life Center,
Santa Ana, CA.

Workshop Title:

Don't forget God in the New Thing

Teresa Alvarado 
Co-Pastor, The Life Center,
Santa Ana, CA.

Workshop Title: Getting Ready for the “New Thing!”

Kirkland Bailey 
K. Sheldon Bailey Ministries Int'l

Workshop Titles:

1)Holy Spirit Baptism; and

2) The Spirit of Suicide

Dr. Patricia Bailey
Founder, Master's Touch Ministries

Workshop Title:

Creating Global Impact Strategies

Netz Gomez
Senior Pastor / Radio host at Houses of Light Los Angeles

Workshop Title:

God is doing Something New in the Hispanic Community

Biblical and Inspirational Ministry

Dr. Junaid Jacobs
Pastor, Pakistan

Workshop Title:

The Superiority of The Bible

Brian Dunn
Youth Pastor - New Day Christian Fellowship

Workshop Title:

Gen X,Y,Z: Strengthening the Younger and the Older for Greater Impact

Samuel Mores 
Pastor, New Life Ministries, India

Workshop Title: Christianity in India - Challenges, Trends & Opportunities

Xola Nzo
Founding Pastor of Change Bible Church, Katlehong, South Africa

Workshop Title:

Transformational Change 

Jarron O'Neal 
Senior Pastor of The Fountain Church Int'l, Pomona, CA

Workshop Title:  "Overflow on the Other Side Pt. 1"

Dr. Prince Parker
Minister, Professor Emphasis in  Theology - Exegesis; Spain

Workshop Title:

Part 1 and 2:

How to have a correct understanding of the Old Testament and its importance in a correct understanding of the New Testament.

Dr. James Rodriguez
CEO/President of Fathers & Families Coalition of America, Inc.

Workshop Title: 

What is Your Purpose in Life

Bishop Ed Smith
Pastor Emeritus Zoe of Whittier, Bishop Zoe Association Int'l,
Founder Nehemiah ProjectLA

Workshop Title: 

 Caring for Orphans in Your Community 

Dr. Joshua Smith
Lead Pastor Zoe of Whittier, Professor, BIOLA University

Workshop Title: Pastoral Strategies for Thriving Out of the Pandemic

Bishop James Whitaker

Pastor Zion Christian Fellowship and Founder of Zion Christian Academy Int’l; Okinawa, Japan 

Workshop Title:

To Know Him (Jesus) And To Make Him Known



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