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Zoe Association International

The Association was founded in 1991 by Bishop Frank L. Stewart in Los Angeles, California. In January 2016, Pastor Edward A. Smith became the presiding Bishop of the Zoe Association.


Historically, the Zoe Association was composed of pastors of churches; however, under the leadership of Bishop Smith, we have broadened our reach to include other non-church ministry leaders, business leaders, and individuals who desire to impact this world for Christ's Kingdom Purpose, far beyond what we could do by ourselves.


Bishop Edward A. Smith

Zoe Christian Fellowship of Whittier

Our Membership

The Zoe Association members and extended relationships, presently consists of churches businesses, non-profits and individuals operating in California and Texas in United States, as well as the countries of Costa Rica, Japan, Philippines, Mexico, Honduras, South Africa, and Brazil. For more information contact Josie Martin at

The Nehemiah Project

The Zoe Association's major Urban Initiative, called The Nehemiah Project, is a collaboration of various churches, ministries, businesses and individuals working together to serve the Transitioning Foster or orphaned youth who tend to end up homeless, in sex trafficking, or in prison. We seek to be a family to those without a family. Click here to learn more.


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