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(Select up to 2 workshops per day. Online registration closes July 25th.)

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Thursday, August 1st


We see BAM as a helpful way for business done well to enable and support missions. Join this workshop as we give practical ways in which ministries can build Christ-centered business to support ministry in their churches. 

w/ Pastor Peter Watts

Business As Mission (BAM)

Pastor Peter Watts was born and raised in South Los Angeles. Mr. Watts worked 20 years in public education before going into full time ministry. Currently, he's a doctoral candidate at Fuller Seminary in the school of Theology. He is the author of the new book "Prodigal Father" which narrates his 30-year journey of forgiveness and reconciliation after finding his own biological father on skid row after 30 years. Pastor Watts is the Regional Vice President for World Impact which is an urban Christian missions organization whose focus is on empowering urban Christian leaders for ministry  in the inner city. He has been married to his wife, Dr. Didi Watts, for 25 years and they are blessed with three children. 


Attend this workshop in order to learn how to take your vision from Infancy to maturity.

w/Pastor Nati Alvarado

Changing The Story

Nati Alvarado is the Senior Pastor of The Life Center in the City of Santa Ana. Nati and his wife Teresa have been passionately involved in community restoration for 29 years. He is the founder of Nati's House and Neutral Ground, non-profit organizations that offer social services, violence reduction, housing, and construction employment. Nati and his wife, Teresa, believe in "Changing The Story".


This workshop affords the opportunity to hear and ask questions of lessons learned with over 70 years of ministry. Areas to include: Personal lives, family, and church. Learn about things that may have been done differently.

w/Bishop Frank Stewart and Bishop Ed Smith 

Lessons Learned

Frank L. Stewart, is the Bishop Emeritus of the Zoe Association. Being the second son of devout Christian parents, he was taught and received first hand, a “war chest” of fundamental and valuable life lessons. He later built upon these lessons which have served him well and has lasted him a lifetime. Bishop Stewart’s ministries spawned vast itinerate evangelism, both domestically and internationally, attracting and winning many through his teaching, preaching, leadership training and ministering to many diverse countries from America, Africa, Asia, Europe and Israel to Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean Islands, including radio and television venues. Though widowed 6 years ago, he is currently married to Sandra and they enjoy sharing a blended family.


This workshop affords the opportunity to hear and ask questions of lessons learned with over 70 years of ministry. Areas to include: Personal lives, family, and church. Learn about things that may have been done differently.

w/Bishop Frank Stewart and Bishop Ed Smith 

Lessons Learned

Ed Smith, Presiding Bishop of the Zoe Association,  is much sought-after as a speaker for conferences and seminars in the U.S. and abroad. His speaking and ministry engagements have taken him to Japan, Russia, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, South Africa and Costa Rica. Pastor Ed led the first South African Government sponsored trip of Black entrepreneurs to South Africa. He has pastored Zoe of Whittier for 30 years and he and his wife, Vanessa, have 3 sons, 1 daughter and 3 grandsons.


Learn how to minimize conflict in the midst of chaos and set healthy boundaries. Find out the Rules of Engagement and restore harmony and passion in your marriage.

w/Mrs. Tuniscia Okeke

Soar Higher to Thrive Harmoniously in Your Marriage and Blended/Step Family

Tuniscia Okeke is the CEO of Blending Our Love, Inc.,™️ an international speaker, trainer, vlogger and author of Empowered Stepmother. She’s a passionate wife and loving mother of three children. 


As a result of her strategies and techniques thousands of stepmothers around the world, have had mindset shifts to go from suffering in silence to thriving harmoniously in their marriages, blended families, and businesses.

Pastor Hugo Photo.png

As a leader, you want to make your mark, to lead your people and yourself to a higher level and to leave a positive legacy. This workshop has been prepared for all organizational leaders.  We will teach the who, what, why,  and how of writing an effective vision, and outline our process to identify, articulate and begin to pursue your vision, thus leading your organization to that higher level.

w/Pastor Hugo Martinez

Clarifying Your Vision

Hugo is a leader, advisor, speaker, teacher, and author with a passion for facilitating people in achieving their full potential. He brings broad business experience, deep leadership expertise, a visionary orientation, and a worldview of abundance.  Hugo is an ordained pastor, whose keen interest in world missions and church leadership has taken him around the globe to places such as Asia, Europe, Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. He is in demand as a speaker and teacher at international conferences and world missions events. Originally from Durango, Mexico, Hugo now makes his home in Southern California, where he lives with his wife and family. 

Ms. Arvee Robinson.png

During this workshop you will learn: The Importance of your Message; Your message is a gift from God; How to structure your message; How to connect with your audience; Four stories your need in your speech; The future of public speaking; How to become an effective speaker

Ms. Arvee Robinson

Using Public Speaking to Open Doors

Arvee Robinson is The Master Speaker Trainer, international speaker, and author of Speak Up, Get Clients. She teaches business owners and entrepreneurs how to use public speaking as a marketing strategy so they can attract more clients, generate unlimited leads, and get their message out to the world and make a difference. Arvee has given over 3,500 speeches around the world and has shared the stage with speaking giants, such as Mark Victor Hansen, Tommy Hopkins, Bishop Ed, and many more. Arvee is the top “How to” trainer in public speaking today. She is the founder of the Christian Speaker Movement and has a Christian podcast called Speak Your Truth. Arvee offers speech coaching, speaker training workshops, and public speaking mastermind programs. Her programs will grow your business and make you money for the rest of your life.


This is a workshop that aims to guide young people on prayerfully seeking their career and purpose in the kingdom of God

Dr. Sibusiso Mkwananzi

The Mandate of God: Purpose and Calling

Dr. Sibusiso Mkwananzi is an ordained pastor at Change Bible Church in South Africa as well as a dentist, demographer and researcher. Her ministry focuses on women's health and empowering young people to reach their God ordained potential. This ministry has positioned her as a motivational speaker, a pastor for youth groups, a mentor to young people, as well as to develop and run a number of God-inspired programmes to prepare the youth for overcoming the world.


Why so many believers are not enjoying the abundant life that God promised them! One - They do not know the truth, Two - They are not expecting to win, three - They are not taught to win, four - They can learn to be more than a conqueror (nothing is impossible to them).

Since June of 2016, Bishop has been beating multiple cancers attacks, all the while using his “miracle mind solution” and never giving up attitude to continually WIN. To God be the Glory!

Bishop James E. Whitaker


Bishop James E. Whitaker is an internationally known Missionary, Bible Teacher, Evangelist and Pastor to Pastors.  He has served as a missionary in Japan and the Philippines since December of (1981). He is the founder of Global Outreach Ministries Los, Angeles, CA. (1990), Zion Christian Ministries Okinawa (1995), and The Zion Pastor Association Philippines (1997). Whitaker Legacy Initiatives LLC (2019) …

Bishop Whitaker is originally from Whitakers, North Carolina and holds a certificates Asian Culture and Japanese Studies from Ryukyuan University (1980); BA in Asian Studies from University of Maryland (1987); three earned M. A. Degrees. A Masters in English from Columbia Bible Seminary (90); Masters in Pastoral Counseling from Liberty University (2004) and a M.Div. Degree in Pastoral Leadership from Liberty University (2014).  Recently Bishop Whitaker was offered an “Honorary Doctors of Theology” from St. Thomas Christian University in Pensacola Florida (2016).

Bishop James E. Whitaker has author several books; He has been a featured Speaker on TBN (1980 @ we Black Japanese (2003, p.p. 60-63) and written up for his work in Asia and South Africa in “Charisma and Christian life Magazine” (June 2007, pages 31-32). Bishop Whitaker has been a keynote speaker in many nations around the world.  Bishop is known for his one liner such as “Something Good is just about to happen”; “Don’t let the devil get your head”; “God created you a Winner… I Dare to win”.


Bishop James and his wife Gloria (Sweeter), married in 1977 and have lived and worked in Japan for 38 years. They have two grown children, both serving God in full time ministry.  

Friday, August 2nd


This workshop focuses on developing multiple streams of income so the organization is not vulnerable to the Sunday giving fluctuations. Build a sustainable income paradigm through multiple streams of income (MSI). 

w/Dr. Don Clarke

"Creating Financial Sustainability: The Multiple Streams of Income Principle ("MSI").

Dr. Don Clarke, President of the ABLC group of companies, including Don Clarke Enterprises (DCE), boasts 38 years in the commercial lending, asset based lending, commercial leasing, quality of earnings certification and continuing education training focusing on corporate lending disciplines for Fortune 500 companies.

Pastor Dan Pore.png

The Great Commission calls us to go out and make disciples of all men. This workshop will help participants learn how to get out of their comfort zone and reach out to the incarcerated, those just out of prison, the mentally ill, illiterate, impoverished and those overlooked by the world. We must bring them out of darkness into God’s marvelous light!

w/Pastor Dan and Kim Pore'

Making a Difference in the Lives of the Underserved.

Pastors Dan and Kim Poré are the founders and Pastors of Zoe Christian Freedom Church in Columbus, Texas. They were members of ZOE Christian Fellowship of Whittier for 7 years where they served in various ministries.  The Poré's have been married for 27 years and are raising two adopted daughters and two grandsons. Dan & Kim’s mission field is to the disenfranchised in the community.  Dan worked for Prison Fellowship Ministries – Inner-change Freedom Initiative a Faith-based Re-Entry Program prior to accepting the call to ministry and he continues to the incarcerated and their families.  Kim has 30 years in the mental health field and has a heart for those that are overlooked in the community.  


What makes for a successful leadership transition? Why have so many not done well? Learn the biblical and practical principles to successfully transition “out of”, or, “into” a leadership position.

w/Pastor Ken Mulkey

Successful Leadership Transitions

 As one of the main teaching pastors at Cottonwood Church, Pastor Ken is known for his practical teaching and passionate preaching. He oversees the Pastoral Care of the church. Kenneth served as the Executive Director of Cottonwood Leadership College for 14 years and  speaks locally and internationally at conferences and churches while helping pastors and Christian leaders in personal and developmental strategies. Kenneth has authored his first book, Run To Win, Finding Your Lane and Finishing, to help people find their purpose in serving God. Pastor Ken is married to Angel and has 3 beautiful daughters.


Learn how to move your God-sized vision from concept to action to results faster and more effectively using Kingdom principles that very few people talk about. 

w/Pastor Barry Knight

The Synchronicity of Vision, Hope, & Action!

Barry E. Knight is the founder and CEO of BEK Impact Company, a leadership coaching, training, and social impact company that helps leaders build the right behaviors, teams, and frameworks that more effectively engage and massively impact the communities they serve.
 Barry coaches, trains, and speaks for leaders in the public, social, and private sector, as well as in churches throughout the U.S. and has worked with organizations in Canada, Mexico, and South Africa. As a minister and servant leader, he has dedicated his life to helping leaders and agents of change massively impact their world. Barry and his wife, Sacheen, have two sons and one daughter.


 Attend this workshop to learn how to  fulfill His covenant plan for your life, family, business and/or ministry!  God is preparing you to be used in new and different ways for His glory in the days ahead.

w/Pastor Anthony McFarland

It’s Time for New Heights

Dr. Anthony McFarland has been the pastor of the Abundant Harvest Life church for 19 years. He is also the President of Kingdom of God International who has more than 26 years of experience in corporate training, team building, counseling, and teaching multitudes to live high impact lives as a direct result of his educational pursuit, life journey and kingdom assignment. He and his wife, Dr. Michelline, have two daughters and six grandchildren.


This dynamic workshop will provide insights into effective strategies for reaching the growing and diverse Latino community.

Pastor Netz Gomez

Insights for Reaching the Hispanic Community

Pastor Netz Gómez  is originally from Mexico City and has been a lecturer in family issues and marriage counseling for more than 30 years. His work is known throughout America through the radio program “Good News for the Family,” which is ranked as number one of the station for more than fifteen  years due to the benefit it has brought to the Hispanic community. He currently lives in the city of Chatsworth, CA with his wife, Lourdes, and his two daughters, Ilse Marié and Sharon. He is pastor of the “Houses of Light” congregation in Northridge. His passion is family restoration and speaks clearly and directly the message of salvation to a world in crisis. Currently lives in the city of Chatsworth, CA in the company of his wife Lourdes and his two daughters Ilse Marié and Sharon. 

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